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The Boriassi vineyards are
located in the heart of the
Colli di Luni DOC zone

Mitigated and protected by the nearby Ligurian Sea. Eight hectares of land, of which three under vines, at an altitude of just 150 metres, favourably exposed to the North-South and still cultivated by hand as in the distant past. All the land of the Boriassi Estate is sown with a permanent sod cover in order to preserve the structure of the soil and to rebalance growth of the plants, fertilised at the time of sowing and through ploughing under of leguminous cover crops such as clover, fava beans and soy: a natural, eco-sustainable method that nourishes not only the vineyards but also the land under high quality Tuscan olives
  le vigne della cantina boriassi